Lollar Jazz Bass Pickup

Lollar Jazz Bass ® Style Pickup for ’70s Jazz Bass


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Handmade in USA.

For more than a decade, Jason Lollar has designed and built some of the most sought after pickups for electric guitars. Professional musicians and instrument manufacturers have increasingly turned to Jason’s products to get a superior sound. His cilent list – which includes many internationally renowned artistes – continues to grow rapidly.

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Taken from Lollar website:

“We have had many requests over the years to make a ’70s Jazz Bass pickup set, so we recently purchased an all-original, one owner, natural finish, ash body 1975 Jazz Bass so that we would have the real deal with which to compare our work. Instead of just copying the original pickups, we decided to make a pickup set that sounds like the original ’75 in a new production bass.

The heavy 10.8 pound ash body of the original ’75 contributes significantly to the overall tone, and the bridge pickup is also mounted closer to the bridge saddles than is typical. The result is a sound that is quite fat with extended overtones and additional low-mids, and a percussive bottom end that has extended time before decay after the attack.

After numerous trials, we designed a set that uses flat pole Alnico 5 magnets with coils wound to match the tonality and balance of the 1975 original. When paired with 1Meg volume pots and a 250K tone pot, that classic ’70s J-Bass tone is now possible in a standard alder body Jazz Bass.”


Avg. DC: Neck 7.9k; Bridge 10.4k

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Neck, Bridge

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4-String, 5-String


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