Sinvertek Dark Fire

Sinvertek Electronic Dark Fire


The Sinvertek Dark Fire is a modern high gain distortion pedal designed to provide outstanding playing dynamics and frequency response characteristics, and emulate real tube amp distortion.

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The Dark Fire Modern Hi-Gain Distortion pedal was designed to create excellent “Real Amp Tone”. Utilizing a range of unique techniques, this pedal provides outstanding playing dynamics and frequency response characteristics, infinitely approaching the tube amps.

The Dark Fire is a versatile analog Distortion pedal that features three Distortion types; Heavy Crunch, High-Gain and Ultra-Gain. This pedal comes equipped with an adjustable two band active EQ. You can boost or cut both Bass and Treble which increases the range of dynamic response and provide the widest range of musical possibilities.

The Dark Fire also has dual function modes; Normal and Boost. In the Boost mode, the pedal is capable of boosting Gain (PRE.) or Volume (POST.) by sliding the slideswitch on the front panel.

Product Features

  • Classic Tube Amp Tone
  • Three Distortion Types: Heavy Crunch,High-Gain,Ultra-Gain
  • 2 Band Active EQ(Bass,Treble)
  • In the BOOST MODE, double click the footswitch for True Bypass
  • Internal High Voltage Supply
  • Maximum Dynamic Response  and Best Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • Relay True Bypass
  • Standard 9vDC Operation


  • Sinvertek Dark Fire

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