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Introducing the new Mini 5 Rhythm – the incredibly lightweight and compact Modeling Guitar Amplifier that lets you jam along or practice with its built-in a wide range of rhythm patterns.

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The VOX MINI series modeling amps are lightweight, compact, and battery-powered, offering realistic sound anytime, anywhere. The MINI5 Rhythm offers 11 amp sounds inherited from the popular and acclaimed Valvetronix series, plus eight effects and a new rhythm function. You can choose from 99 different variations of rhythm patterns to back your performance or practice along to. The compact body also packs plenty of additional functionality such as a mic input, AUX input, and a dedicated E-string tuner, letting you play your guitar with the high quality tone you’d expect from VOX.

A rich variety of amp models and effects

There are 11 realistic amp models taken from the flagship Valvetronix series that support a broad range of styles and playing techniques, including perfect simulations of the legendary VOX AC30 that capture the sense of drive typical of vacuum tubes, as well as models of intensely powerful high-gain amps and transparent, clean types. New to the series is a built-in VOX original “Bassilator” circuit, which covers the ultra-low-frequency overtones that cannot be obtained via EQ. This is particularly effective for high-gain models and produces an intensely heavy sound that seems unthinkable from an amp of this size. In addition, there’s a pure and clean-sounding LINE input without any distortion, making it an ideal choice for acoustic-electric guitars or keyboards. There’s also a full complement of effects, including compressor, chorus, flanger, and tremolo, as well as delay/reverb types. With a total of eight varieties of effects, you’ll have plenty of options for shaping your sound.

Versatile rhythm functions

As its name suggests, the MINI5 Rhythm features a newly added rhythm function. It provides 11 built-in rhythms in styles that include 8-beat, 16-beat, rock, metal, and R&B, as well as a built-in metronome. With nine variations for each style, you’ll have a generous 99 rhythm patterns to work with. You can easily call up the rhythm pattern you want and adjust its tempo and volume for a great way to jam along with high-quality rhythm patterns, to try out ideas for a new riff or phrase, or to practice playing to a beat to improve your performances. Since these rhythm patterns cover a wide range of musical styles, it is easier to get into the feel of the song being played, making otherwise routine personal practice sessions more enjoyable.

Battery-powered operation

The MINI5 Rhythm features two-way power that can run on batteries (six AA batteries) or an AC adapter (included). Batteries allow up to approximately 19.5 hours of operation (with POWER SELECT set to 0.1W), making this amp an ideal choice for street performances or outdoor playing. It also comes with a carrying strap for easy transport, letting you enjoy playing guitar wherever inspiration may strike.

Plenty of inputs/outputs for the singer/performer

In addition to a guitar input, the MINI5 Rhythm also provides additional types of input and output jacks. The mic input provides an adjustable volume and lets you apply a delay/reverb effect, providing support for vocals. There’s also an AUX input that can accept an external audio source such as an MP3 player. It can be used in conjunction with a guitar and mic, for a total of three inputs simultaneously. Also provided is a headphone/line out jack with a built-in cabinet simulator so that when you’re recording directly into a multi-track recorder or practicing with headphones, you can obtain the same great cabinet resonance you’d get if you had set up a mic in front of the amp.

Switchable power amp wattage

By switching the wattage, you can regulate the volume while still retaining the sense of drive and air obtained by turning the master volume all the way up. The wattage can be switched in three levels: 5 / 1.5 / 0.1W.

Amp Models

1. BTQ 4. TWEED 4×10 7. UK ’70S 10. CALI METAL
2. CLEAN 5. AC15 8. UK ’80S 11. US HIGAIN
3. BLACK 2×12 6. AC30TB 9. UK ’90S 12. LINE



Rhythm Types

*Each genre has 9 variations
2. 16 BEAT 5. POP 8. LATIN 11. METRO
3. ROCK 6. R&B 9. DANCE

Vox Mini 5 Rhythm Specification Sheet

Amp Models 11 types
Rhythms 99 patterns
Tuner range E1–E6 (41.2 Hz–1318.5 Hz)
Audio Inputs INPUT x 1, MIC IN x 1, AUX IN x 1
Speaker 6.5 inch 4 Ohms
Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz
Battery Life
(tuner on/polyphonic tuning mode)
Maximum 19.5 hours at 0.1W
Maximum 17 hours at 1.5W
Maximum 12 hours at 5W
Effects 8 types
Tempo 40–240 bpm
Audio Output Headphones x 1
Power Amp Output Maximum approx. 5 W RMS at 4 Ohms
Power Supply Six AA-size /LR6 alkaline batteries or the included AC adapter
Current Consumption 160 mA
Accessories Carrying strap, AC adapter (DC 12V)
Dimensions 269 x 179 x 267 mm, 3.5 kg


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Colour Options

Ivory, Black, Classic


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