The man behind Lollar Pickups.

The man behind Lollar Pickups.

Jason Lollar's reputation in the guitar pickup industry is a testament to his dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Renowned for his Lollar Pickups, his journey began in guitar building, eventually leading him to specialize in pickups as musicians sought out his unique handcrafted designs.

What sets Lollar apart in the world of pickup manufacturing is his straightforward, no-frills approach. Eschewing fancy model names and flashy advertising, he focuses on the essential components - magnets, bobbins, and wire. This simplicity, combined with an unwavering commitment to refining his process through constant winding and listening, has allowed his pickups to stand out for their quality and distinctive character. With over three decades in the field, Lollar brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of what makes a great pickup, infusing each one with its unique soul.

Lollar's approach to pickup design and selection, centers on understanding the desired outcome and the synergy of materials and construction. His ability to guide customers through the myriad of options, tailored to personal preferences and technical requirements, is impressive. He navigates the challenges of choice with expertise and insight, demonstrating a deep understanding of his craft.

His use of both hand-guided winders and vintage commercial machines ensures each pickup is made with utmost precision. The attention to detail in every step, from cutting and assembling components to winding coils and conducting rigorous testing, is indicative of his meticulous work ethic.

Jason's insights into the effects of wood types on pickup design, the distinctions between hand-wound and machine-wound pickups, and the subtleties of potting pickups to balance microphonics are invaluable. Additionally, his practical advice on pickup height adjustment and noise reduction in single-coil units is highly beneficial for both novice and experienced guitarists.

His continuous innovation and commitment to excellence have not only contributed significantly to the custom pickup industry but have also established him as a pivotal figure in the realm of guitar pickups. This combination of quality, craftsmanship, and willingness to embrace change and new ideas underlines why Jason Lollar is so highly regarded in the music world.
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