22 Jul

Fender Japan Electric Guitars and Basses

Fender Japan

Fender Japan

Fender Japan is the Japanese division of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.  And it is also the main-stay on the shelves and guitar hangers in Sound Alchemy since the day we started our business. We stubbornly stock and sell Japanese guitars because we are firm believers in its quality consistency and more importantly value for money.

We have the widest range of available models in stores for testing and also regularly import Fender Japan guitars for the local market, so any models not available in-store are usually just a few weeks to a couple of months away till its arrival.

“MIJ vs CIJ”
There has been much speculation in the difference in the quality of MIJ and CIJ guitars, since 2008 and as of now all Fender Japan guitars are “Made in Japan” as opposed to “Crafted in Japan” We have owned and sampled many guitars from both “eras” and feel that there isn’t a really big difference in terms of quality and sound. However as far as we are concerned, and to many who have played Japanese Fenders, the quality of either is much better than the Mexican made guitars and rival many of the USA models.

From the assembly, electronics, paintwork to fretwork, the quality of a Fender Japan, is almost always consistently good. Needless to say, we also stand-by our products confidently and provide a one year warranty covering manufacturing defects for all Fender Japan guitars that we sell.

Value for money
Fender Japan guitars models are mostly vintage reissues. Which means that they make very good quality reissues of 57’s / 62’s /72’s StratocastersTelecasters and Jazzmasters. And they also offer a VSP version a.k.a Vintage Special version of the reissues that feature even better electronics, tone-woods and the most vintage correct Nitro-Cellulose lacquer. This is something that not a lot of USA made guitar offer. American Vintage Reissues or more commonly know as AVRI’s of the same specs easily cost 2 to 3 times more.

Exclusive models and Extensive range
There are also many guitar designs that are exclusive to Fender Japan, such as the Aerodyne series of guitars and basses. Sporting a more modern radius with 22 jumbo frets and a uniquely modern body contour, the Aerodyne guitars just oozing with sexiness.

Other designs thats are exclusive to Fender Japan are the hollow-bodied strats, teles and basses. And the list goes on… 62 Tele’s with Bigsby bridges, remakes of the Original 51 Pbass, Medium Scale Strats, Bitching 90’s styled Floyd rose strats and ultra cool “Gretsch Styled” Teles. The Fender Japan range is too extensive to be properly listed out here.

Fender Japan also features a small but exclusive line of Artist Signature models for Richie Kotzen, Marcus Miller, J Mascis and Kurt Cobain that cannot be found anywhere else.

Last but not least the Fender Japan range also sports the most complete line of Fender Offset body guitars, from Jazzmasters to Jaguars and Mustangs.