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Weighing in at 2.5 kg, the RGXA2 is in the super lightweight class. Yamaha’s revolutionary A.I.R. technology delivers a guitar so light that it fuses seamlessly with the player, delivering unprecedented comfort, amazing tone,and superior performance. The RGXA2, the guitar that lets you play the way you want to play.

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The Guitar and the Player… Becoming One

In creating a lighter guitar, one absolute condition set down was that sound quality could not be sacrificed. For this reason, a great deal of time and effort went into the creation of numerous prototypes.

The A2 project had to combine three crucial factors, great sound, light weight, and sufficient strength to withstand the huge forces generated by strings under tension. Intensive research and development led to the creation of A.I.R. (Alternative Internal Resonance) technology. Although it uses a solid body design, the incredible resonance created by the unique construction method produces a big, open sound that resonates throughout the guitar’s entire body. To match and compliment this instrument’s unique characteristics, original bridge and pickup systems were developed, the resulting tone and response shattering the widely accepted concept that “lightweight means light sound”.

The RGXA2 brings a revolutionary approach to guitar design.The quest for the perfect design naturally took the route of trying to build the lightest possible guitar, but early prototypes, while incredibly light, didn’t deliver the sound or playing experience that was essential. The final weight for the RGXA2 was set at around 2.5kg, a perfect balance, around 30% lighter than a regular solid body guitar but with all the feel and sound that players were looking for. This is lightweight design taken to the extreme.

  • A.I.R. Technology Body
  • 3-Position Rotary Pickup Switch
  • Controls With LED Indicaters
  • Cylindrical Knob Tuning Machines
  • A.I.R. Mounting System Bridge

A. I. R. (Alternative Internal Resonance) Design

Using Yamaha’s original Alternative Internal Resonance technology the RGXA2 and RBX4A2 offer players excellent lightweight characteristics without sacrificing sound quality.-The body consists of a lightweight core sandwiched between hard woods on top and back.(1)-Three metal tubes (sound tubes) installed under the bridge plate transmit string vibration to the body, and return body vibration to the bridge.(2)-The top board quickly responds to string vibration passing through the bridge. Special sound tubes passing through the body produce rich resonance in the core material. The backboard resonates, exciting the entire body structure and creating a full, powerful, and resonant tone with distinctive presence and body that are truly unique.

Original Pickups

Developed with the custom shop at Yamaha Artist Services, Hollywood, the A2 pickups perfectly compliment the tonal characteristics of the A.I.R. body. Designed with the input of some of the world’s greatest guitar players, the A2’s powerful tone belies its light weight.

Original Bridge

In rethinking bridge design, Yamaha has succeeded at creating a compact, lightweight bridge that delivers outstanding function. Removing protruding screws leaves a simple design that delivers extended performance when playing close to the bridge. Special sound tubes installed under the bridge pass through the body transmitting string vibration directly to the body.

LED Pickup Indicator

The single volume control and a 3 position rotary pickup selector are joined by LEDs surrounding the volume control, providing bright visual indication of the pickup in use

RGXA2 Neck

Fingerboard width is the same as guitars in the RGX series, like the RGX220DZ, but with a medium thickness. This design makes chords easier to hold and offers greater stability for the left hand. Greater neck mass also contributes to a richer sound.

Original Headstock

Yamaha has moved from tradition with strong design features including twotone 3-D sculpting, cylindrical aluminum machine heads (RGXA2), and perfect weight balance, all wrapped up in sleek, fresh lines.
Tech Specs
General Construction Bolt-on
Scale Length 25-1/2″ (648.0mm)
Body Body Materials Agathis/Falcata (A.I.R. Body)
Body Finish Gloss Polyurethane
Neck Neck Materials Maple
Neck Finish Gloss Polyurethane
Fingerboard Materials Rosewood
Fingerboard Radius 13-3/4″ (350mm)
Fret wire Medium
Number of frets 22
Nut materials Urea
Neck Width @ 0 Fret / 12th Fret 43.0 / 52.4 mm
Thickness @1st Fret / 12th Fret 20.0 / 23.0 mm
Electronics Neck Pickup Humbucker/Alnico V
Middle Pickup
Bridge Pickup Humbucker/Alnico V
Controls 3-Position Rotary with Pickup Indicator, Master VOL,
Pickup Switch 3-Position Rotary Switch
Hardware Bridge A.I.R. Mounting System Brdige
Tremolo Arm
String spacing 10.5mm
Tuning Machines Die-Cast with Cylindrical Knob
Others String gauge D’Addario EXL120 / 0.009-0.042
Special Features

Control Systems


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  • Yamaha RGXA2 Black
  • Yamaha RGXA2 Black
  • Yamaha RGXA2 White
  • Yamaha RGXA2 White

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